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Teamwork, quality, reliability and customer focus, that’s what we stand for at Formica. Are you familiar with, or interested in Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), Business Process Automation (BPA), no-code, search, insights and analytics? Then we are looking for you!


See the world as a Formica.digital intern and gain relevant professional experience.

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This is your chance to become an intern at the Belgian leader in the IT and consultancy industry. We provide you with a variety of assignments that will challenge and inspire you and give you a real sense of ownership.


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We invest heavily in our interns, by providing them with personalized coaching, tailored projects, and extensive on-the-job training. This will give you an edge over other candidates who don't have any of these benefits.

We welcome Students from HoWest, KDG, AP, HoGent, Thomas More, and any other institutes of Flanders & Brussels


Our Challenges:


Everybody knows google for its search engine. But Google offers a lot more, such as different AI services (artificial intelligence) and also a no-code platform.

Assignment 1 – Automatic metadata recognition

Users find it tedious when they need to manually fill metadata when uploading documents in a document management system. The objective of this assignment is to create a solution that can be integrated with a document management system that fills the metadata automatically leveraging Google AI services.

Assignment 2 – Optimize a services company

Formica.digital is a services company. Like many other services companies, one of our needs is to be able to manage the availabilities of our consultants and to optimize their planning on missions at customers. The objective of this assignment is to design and create a no-code AppSheet solution that manages the availabilities of our consultants. Leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) the objective is to automatically simulate different scenario’s to optimize the planning of the resources on future missions.


ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Did you know that the ELK stack forms the backbone for globally used platforms such as Facebook, Uber, eBay, and Booking.com? Elasticsearch technology is even used by NASA in different Mars missions.

Assignment 1 – Observability (log monitoring)

Formica.digital has several applications on different virtual machines. The logs of these applications and servers contain events, warnings, errors. The objective of this assignment is to centrally aggregate this information in elasticsearch and to create several dashboards in kibana to analyze the data.

Assignment 2 – Setup a SOC supported with Elastic Security

Detecting and preventing security incidents becomes more and more a top priority for enterprises and governments. Elastic Security offers the necessary capabilities to support Security Operations Centers (SOC) to prevent and stop security threats. The objective of this assignment is to rollout the Elastic Security solution within Formica.digital

Assignment 3 – Workplace Search

As a student, you might be familiar with the situation that knowledge is spread over different information systems, which makes it difficult to quickly find the information you’re looking for. Especially when you’re on a deadline you want all available information at your fingertips. That’s why in this assignment we will set up Workplace Search, an intuitive UI that connects with toolsets like Slack, the Atlassian stack, MS Sharepoint, Github, and many more. A central knowledge hub with cool capabilities such as smart filtering and automated keyword detection.


Web development with Java

Java-based web development with CMS & DXP platforms like Magnolia CMS and Liferay are very important at Formica. We are a heaven for full-stack JAVA developers who also enjoy styling and modding the body-work.

Assignment – Build a B2B eCommerce platform

This is not ‘yet another web-shop.’ Be a rebel and help make a truly innovative — even disrupting — eCommerce platform from A to Z. You will go full-stack on this one, so if you like Java, but also want to express your creative side at the front-end. This is the challenge for you!

Flowable – Open Source Intelligent Automation

Although we live in a digital world, there are still numerous opportunities to automate business processes with every type of company. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their day with repetitive tasks or cumbersome administration. Enter process automation!

Assignment – API integration layer between Flowable and a DMS

Formica integrates different software components to build end-to-end solutions. With our dynamic case management solutions, we offer our customers a 360° view of all case-related information, such as status, tasks, and documents. Think of opening a claim with an insurance company, or applying for a subsidy with the government.
With this assignment, the goal is to develop an API layer that integrates document management system capabilities with our process engine toolset, Flowable.

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