A safer internet, but what about the digital workplace?

How can you keep the digital workplace a safe environment for your employees?

The main goal of a safe internet is making sure that we all use the internet in a positive and constructive way. At least, that should be the idea. But what about the intranet for internal company users and the extranet we use with external collaborators? In many cases we are not aware about security leaks or security issues in general.. Building a modern workplace is often a complex and underestimated task. Technology can help us make it a safe environment, as long as the workplace is build and secured by a good technology partner. Before starting to develop a digital workplace, we need to tackle a few things.

Security and safety

In almost all cases, the digital workplace has been hosted in a professional cloud environment (e.g. Office365). That means that your data is in a safe building, protected by numerous security measures. These buildings are not accessible to everyone. Those who have access cannot enter all areas of the building. Apart from physical security, there are several layers of security built in the technology. In most cases it’s impossible to build this on premise.

Role based security and access to data

The digital workplace is set-up with a role based security system which means that, depending on the role of a user within the company, he/she will have access to certain datasets, documents etc. The advantage is that users can only see the information that is relevant to them. However, it has risks. If you don’t have a good governance policy in place, security roles might not be set-up properly and information might be accessible to the wrong people. A good steering committee should take care of this. This is also applicable for the external users, using the extranet.

Professional behaviour and the social intra-, extranet

Part of the digital workplace is the social intranet. This makes that the intranet is a dynamic place to work, although it is digital. However, the social area of the digital workplace should be a secure place for each individual, where people take care of busines and processes. It is unprofessional to use the social intranet for non-business behaviour among people. We believe that company policies and control of behaviour should be part of the business plan and ethical agreement between all users of the digital workplace. Doing this makes the intra-, extranet a safe, dynamic and pleasant environment to work at for all employees.

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