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Why HR and the digital workplace are inseparable.

The digital workplace is more than just technology, it's about people.

When thinking about the digital workplace, IT is often the first domain that pops in peoples’ minds. While technology is an important aspect of the digital workplace, the people who are using it should be the center of attention.

HR as a driver of the digital workplace.

People are the core of your business. The main purpose of the digital workplace is creating a work environment where employees can work in a productive matter. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t. There isn’t a magical solution that fits all companies. You need to be well aware that every organisation needs a tailored strategic plan for the digital workplace.

The basis of that plan should be ‘people’. The digital workplace strategy should be tailored to the specific needs of your employees. And that’s where the HR department kicks in. They know the in and outs of the employees’ life. What are the processes they undergo each day? What are the tools they use? How do they communicate and collaborate? What are the obstacles they face while doing their job? Questions that HR can answer.

When there is a clear view on what the organisation needs, it’s time to look for the right technologies to provide an answer. As you can see, the creation of a digital workplace should always be a close interaction between IT and HR. But it doesn’t stop there. Your digital workplace strategy isn’t static. It has to evolve with the changing needs of your organisation and employees. That’s why it’s important to always keep track of certain metrics. HR metrics like for example engagement metrics, productivity metrics or employee turnover can be important to get a glance on where your investments are truly making a difference.

No one-way street.

While HR can be of great value to the digital workplace, it isn’t a one-way street. A well-functioning digital workplace can ensure a great return for the HR department.
Remote working is still on the rise. 70% of employees find a job with the flexibility to work from another location more attractive. If a company can offer a work environment with the flexibility to work from any location and any device, this will have a positive impact on the attraction of new employees

But it isn’t only about recruiting new people, keeping your existing workforce happy is as important. A workplace that gives employees the opportunity to be productive and have an effective collaboration will have a positive impact on the employee engagement. Thus, more engaged employees means a higher employee retention.

The digital workplace is more than just technology. It’s a synergie of all the departments in your organisation, coming together to create a work environment where people can grow and reach their full potential.

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