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3 must-see topics at the Elastic Community Conference

Sören Vandecauter, one of our senior Elastic consultants at Formica NV attended the Elastic Community Conference, his findings and top tips are listed below.

If you want to hear some great Elastic stories, you need to check the Elastic community conference. The event, packed with 9 hours of interesting stories, took place on February 12 and gave some valuable insights into the future and the experiences of other users with the Elastic Stack. For your convenience, I’ve selected my personal top 3 of must-see presentations:

1. The Future – What’s next

Interesting talk from Shay Banon and Ashutosh Kulkarni about the future of Elastic: what will be the focus, the evolution of Elastic,... This section includes a presentation about the ‘secure by default’ setup.

Nicolas Ruflin’s presentation about Elastic Common Schema and Elastic agent will make it so much easier to collect and inject all the data to Elasticsearch (more info: Elastic Agent - GA with 7.14 | Elastic). The final presentation of this section is from Tony Meehan about Security. Quite interesting, as there is no doubt that security will be an important topic for Elastic in the future, so it was great to hear his expert's view on this topic. (Video from 00:47:00).

Shay Banon and Ashutosh Kulkarni

2. Elastic and Kubernetes working on your dev machine in 7 minutes

This section features a demonstration on how you can set up your elastic environment on Kubernetes in a very short time, which makes it easy for those who want to test or explore the possibilities of Elastic. With this setup, you can test new features of Elastic, check integrations with Elastic and experiment locally before configuring it on to production.

(video from 01:50:00)

3. Keep an eye on your cluster performance with the Elastic Performance Inspector

To detect performance drops in your Elastic Cluster, it’s possible to install the EPI (Elastic Performance Inspector, which is a kibana plugin that runs a quick test to detect slow-performing queries. The plugin is easy to install and accessible from the kibana sidebar. (Video from 03:43:00)

You can find the full presentation on youtube: ElasticCC: English Track - YouTube

I would like to thank Elastic to organize this community conference, as it is great to see all these interesting stories while hearing such great speakers being so enthusiastic about Elastic!


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