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5 tips to help employees adopt to the digital workplace.

How to break down the silos in your organisation?

The digital workplace is a crucial part of the digital transformation of an organisation. But often, the tools aren’t accepted by the employees. They still use their own applications and the silos in your organisation continue to exist. When employees use the digital work environment, you create an engaged workforce, resulting in a 26% raise in annual revenues.  We provide you with 5 tips on how to accomplish a successful adoption of your digital workplace.

1. Involve your employees in the process

It’s important to not only involve the IT department when building a digital workplace. Always remember that you are building these tools for your employees so involve them in the process. User experience is the key to a successful digital workplace. Before you can facilitate a great user experience, you need to know the specific needs of your employees.

2. Talk solutions, not technology

How important technology is to build your digital workplace, your employees just want to know how it’s going to make their life easier. Don’t use too much technical language. Prove with relevant use cases that these tools are the solution to their needs.

3. Create enthusiasm

People don’t like change. They have their own habits and they’re difficult to breach. You need a spokesperson who has enough persuasion to convince them that the new tools are the key to efficient and productive working.

4. Provide coaching

After the implementation of your digital workplace, it’s time to train your employees on how to use their renewed  workplace. What are the use cases? How do they need to use it to elevate productivity? Give them time to adapt to these new tools.

5. Ask feedback and use metrics

Continuous improvements lead the way to success. Ask feedback to your employees, they are the ones working with the tools on a daily basis. Adapt your workplace to their evolving needs. You should also measure the impact of the implementation of your digital workplace. For some examples on KPI's to measure the success of your digital workplace, click here. 

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