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Manage content on all owned channels with headless CMS

Traditionally a marketeer, content creator, or webmaster would use a CMS like WordPress or Drupal to manage the content on your website or blog. Over the years, however, sharing your content on your owned channels expanded to several platforms. Making it more difficult and time-consuming to keep them manually synchronized. Certainly on a corporate level, with several languages and a vast amount of content to be managed, it quickly became unbearable. With headless CMS, that need gets answered.

So what is a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a pure Content Management System that is not only dedicated to a website or other channel to publish the content.
This allows it to be connected to various channels like (multiple) websites, Mobile applications, e-commerce or even digital signage, saving you allot of time and reducing your time to market because you don’t have to go through each and every channel when you publish or edit content.

For who is headless CMS for?

For ‘every one’ would be a simple answer, but in our opinion it’s mainly corporations, e-commerce and large enterprises that will enjoy the largest benefits, as they have the means and the volume to set up a decent headless CMS, to make sure their vast amounts of content are uniform over all channels and double or quadruple work is avoided.

Which systems exist with a headless CMS?

There are plenty of headless CMS solutions out there, but for bigger enterprises and cooperations a reliable Java based system is a must. Which is flexible, scalable and easy to integrate with existing corporate systems.

A popular and powerful solution we support at is Magnolia CMS/DXP that even goes beyond headless CMS into the realm of composable DXP. Which is the ultimate tool for modern digital marketeers.

Magnolia DXP comes with connector packs to help seamlessly integrate additional tools that aid in your content management, including eCommerce, Analytics, Marketing Automation and Digital Asset Management, and the platform has everything you need to deploy in the cloud.

If you want to find out more about DXP, headless CMS or Magnolia? Please feel free to ask.

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