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What is this curious animal they call "The Digital Workplace"?

This post is the first in a three-part collection of thoughts on the concept of The Digital Workplace.

Part 1 : a solid - but forever shifting - technological foundation for your collaboration

So is this Digital Workplace an octopus with many tentacles? A dragon with lots of fire-breathing heads? A herd of cats running loose? Depending on how you manage it (which should always be : continuously and with great care) It could become any of those...

However, if you're careful in your considerations on how to implement technological progress, and if you're continuously looking to get your toes wet in order to keep the finger on your technological pulse - mounting a procedure for doing so & sticking to some best practices could be to your best advantage.

Remark the word "continious" in the preceding paragraph. Even if (some part of) the concept of a Digital Workplace is already sold on you, it would be wise to thread lightly, step-by-step and never in a Big Bang. Many obvious reasons could be presented to corroborate this Obvious Fact, but as we'll see in part 2, people are involved and habits do not die easily.

...but since you're interested in what technologies are being deployed in this field right now  (you've come to this site) & which technologies are mature and being deployed widely, taking a look at constructing your own "digital workplace radar" might be of interest.

"digital workplace radar" allows for teams to track upcoming ideas and technologies that are or will be impacting your implementation of a digital workplace.

Digital Workplace Radar

Scan your horizon for technologies and themes that you want affect your organisation. Your future planning of rolling out short/mid/longterm tech implementations will progress much more smoothly.

What tools are "landing" for your organisation and are going to need (additional) support & ownership? Just like an airplane is approaching its landingspot with some careful planning beforehand, so should any implementation of your next Digital Workplace building-block be planned.

Plan many small landings long beforehand instead of one big landing - this will transform the accompanying change management from one big effort into an ongoing-change-attitude.

Stay tuned for the next blog on the 'people side' of the digital workplace. And don't forget, you can always contact us for more information. 

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