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Why you should invest in a digital workplace.

The digital workplace is the solution to the evolving nature of work.

The digital workplace is a buzzword that we’ve heard a lot the past few years, but what does it really mean? Gartner, leader in technology research, defines it as follows: The Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies. Is it having an intranet? Or the possibility to check your e-mail on the train? Collaborating with your colleagues without having multiple versions of your documents?

Information: the driver for doing business

Information is getting more important each day. It creates value for your company and it is the foundation of decision-making. But, we live in a fast-changing era, in which it is important to have access to your information, at all times and all places on every device. It shouldn’t be a quest to find the right information in your organization. Is it in my mailbox? Did I print it and put it in a binder? Or is it one of the unorganized documents on my desktop? Access, sharing and searching through content should be possible within the blink of an eye. Unorganized content can entail some frustrations, the most frequently heard ones are: 

  • It's hard to control and secure all this content
  • No clear view on the value of the content
  • There's too little context

A new way of working

The days when everyone was working in their own cubical are over. Nowadays, everyone works from everywhere. Remote working is growing each day. According to Deloitte 64% of employees are willing to choose a lower paying job if they could work from home or another place than the office. Already 20% – 30% of Belgian employees work from home. People want to work time and location independent and they need the tools to support it.

Collaboration is getting more important too. Teamwork makes the dream work. When employees are collaborating on the same project, work can be done quicker and more effectively. But if your organization isn’t adapted to collaboration, things will get messy soon.

These shifts asks for changes. Let’s go digital!

So what does the organization of today need? An organization that brings together different generations. The younger generation is totally digitally adapted and has high expectations of their workplace. And the older generation needs to adapt to all these changes.

The digital workplace is the answer. An integrated toolset that lifts productivity and efficiency to a higher level focusing on user experience. Easy to use and intuitive. It’s important to create a digital workplace that meets the requirements and needs of your employees. You can have all the tools you want but if your employees aren’t using them it’s pointless. Building a digital workplace based on the needs of your employees increases employee retention because that solution supports them in working on a more flexible, personalized way. Want to know how to adopt employees to the digital workplace? Click here to find 5 tips to smoothen user adoption. 

Let's recap: what are the benefits of a digital workplace for your company?

  • You can approach content via different devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • The workplace is always up to date, say goodbye to your USB-stick.
  • Improved productivity within your team and with co-workers.
  • Higher employee satisfaction (when implementing a user adoption strategy).
  • You can work whenever, wherever you want.

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