Enterprise search

The amount of content in companies keeps growing. Different types of content stored in different enterprise applications. Looking for the right piece of information when needed is often a burden for employees.In this digital evolution, people are more demanding towards their work environment. The search experience in work-related domains needs to be similar to consumer searches on the web.  

Implementing the right enterprise search solution can turn content in your company’s greatest asset. All information can be found across the borders of enterprise applications within one search query. This means a connected workforce, wherever they are, with access to all company resources they need. 

The benefits for your organization: 

  - Employees can do their work in a more efficient and productive
way. This guarantees a smoother workflow and better processes
    without frustrations
  - Better collaboration because teams have the right resources 
    within immediate reach. 
  - Faster decision-making because company-critical content is 
    accessible at all times
  - Creating a better customer experience by expanding your
    enterprise search to your customer portal or corporate website. 
    When users don’t find what they are searching for they can end their
    customer journey in an early stage, missing out on valuable leads.

In other words, a more engaged workforce and more value for your customers. The benefits of an enterprise search engine are clear. But you can not blindly implement a search technology. Our team of experts guides you from defining a strategy to creating a functioning enterprise search solution.