Alfresco Content Services

ECM is dead, content services are born.  
"a set of services and microservices embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications that share common API's and repositories, to exploit diverse content types and to serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization.”

It's more than the storage and management of content, it's about creating user experiences that bring productivity and efficiency to a higher level. An evolution that dominated the ECM market in the past years. 

An evolution that our partner, Alfresco, understands completely. Alfresco is a content services platform with open standards meaning it is flexible to the ever-changing digital environment we live in. Content is an important aspect for organisations. It generates value and supports business processes.  Alfresco ensures that all content is available on every device, at any time. It is integratable with a lot of different applications what enables employees to access content from within their daily toolset. Integrating content in organisational processes is also one of the strengths of Alfresco. Adding context to content with rich meta-data models helps employees find the right information at the right time. This all ensures an effective information flow, bringing the best out of organisation’s content. 

Collaboration is important for the growth of every organisation. Creating the right environment for employees to work together is important to generate success for businesses. 

Alfresco has the right functionalities to support employees in their collaboration. Creating workflows and clear rules and actions ensure that the workforce can do their work in a productive and transparent way. Social features facilitate effective team communication and a fast feedback cycle. The high level of compliance and security makes sure that business-critical content is always protected and collaboration can be extended beyond the borders of organisations. 

From case management to digital collaboration, the different use cases in multiple domains make Alfresco a great product to support the digital workplace.