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Formica is a member of GC Innovate, all things Google by Cronos. Formica contributes the following areas of expertise to the Cronos Google community.

Google Workspace (also known as G Suite) allows people to connect anywhere, anytime on any device and any place, even across company borders. Workspace provides Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Chat, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and many more.

Google Appsheet is Google’s no-code application building platform. It facilitates citizen developers to really quickly create the tools they need. It allows to design and launch of an app in just a few days. Appsheet is also closely integrated with Google Workspace which results in powerful features such as dynamic mails.


Not everything can be built with no-code!

Therefore Formica offers Google low-code with Apps Script and custom development.

Google App Script facilitates the fast creation of web applications and of business applications that integrate with Google Workspace.

Regarding custom development Formica can support you with serverless and cloud-native application development such as with app engine, cloud functions, and cloud run.


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