"A digital business platform with a CMS at its core.” 

Magnolia is an open source Content Management System, built with a vision and focus on flexibility, user friendliness, integration, performance and scalability. 

A CMS system provides a central location to manage all web content. It gives employees the opportunity to edit, publish and share content in one application. You can easily integrate other digital workplace tools with Magnolia, connecting it for example with a DAM or CRM system. This contributes to a seamless experience for employees across different organizational departments. 

Magnolia is a headless CMS system, providing the opportunity to create, manage and consult content via the default REST-interfaces. It means that the front-end and back-end layer are separated from each other. Content can be published to different devices through an API so you are not dependent on technology. Flexibility, faster time to-market and reuse of the content are some of the benefits that a headless CMS can bring to the table. 

Magnolia also has the ability to generate workflow. Automating the proces of content creation, approval and release ensures that workflows happen in the most efficiënt way.  The assignment of roles and tasks provide transparency and accountability what can only benefit collaboration between content-editors.  And don’t forget about the security aspect, roles give certain profiles limited access to particular ressources or actions.  

In the era where everything happens in a digital world, Magnolia is a great partner for digital marketeers. It can be used for a single website but is extendable to a multi-site environment. Through extensive personalisation, Magnolia guarantees to deliver the right content, at the right time to customers, bringing conversion rates to the next level. Great testing and analyzing capabilities are the icing on the cake to make your digital journey a success.