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I have a lot of very friendly colleagues at who always point me in the right direction.

Eline Brak - Functional analyst

My professional career started out in a sales environment, during which time I developed a keen interest in IT. I decided to follow my heart and go back to college for three years.
After I graduated in applied information technology, I re- launched my career as a database administrator, giving me the opportunity to develop and fine tune my technical skills.

Ambition to grow

I soon realized I wanted to be closer to the customer and felt the need to be part of a design team, engaging with customers to find out what they really wanted and coming up with tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with a technical team.
I began looking for a new challenge and this is when I came across! Even though we were in the middle of the covid crisis, Formica gave me a chance and hired me as a functional analyst. I received time and support to develop my soft skills even further and explore the world of analysis.

Starting a new job during the Covid-19 pandemic

Several months later and I’m working on my first project as a functional analyst! The project started on the 1st of February this year which meant I had to start working remotely. 
On the first day I met one of my colleagues face-to-face because I had to pick up my laptop and other necessities. The following days I got to know my other colleagues via video chats and until now I haven't seen them in real life, which is a kind of strange feeling.

Colleagues make the difference!

Apart from the strange feeling, it also brings its professional challenges. I find it challenging, as a newbie in the organization, to determine the right person of interest for certain topics.
Luckily, I have a lot of very friendly colleagues at who always point me in the right direction. So even though it’s not easy to start a new project this way, communicating with my colleagues even more than usual ensures the project is set up for success!