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Building a team of Elasticsearch certified experts.

A look into what an Elasticsearch certification training has to offer.

At Formica, we strongly believe in the empowering capabilities of search. From employees navigating large datasets to customers looking for the right product, we think any company can greatly benefit from being able to provide fast and robust search capabilities. It is our mission to help anyone looking to implement such improvements to the digital workplace.

Expanding our enterprise search expertise

If you need to understand or query lots of data, you probably want to use Elasticsearch, we know we do. We’ve been using Elasticsearch for a while because it can tackle these scenario’s like no other. This means we have a few enthusiastic developers here already well versed in this amazing product.

Passionate as we are however, we continuously strive to improve ourselves and thus made some time to become even better at it. Inviting experts from Elastic, we organized four full days (two for part 1 and two for part 2) of hands-on learning. Resulting in many of us now being certified Elasticsearch engineers.

Absorbing knowledge at the Elasticsearch certification training

The Elasticsearch certification training days featured various interesting topics from launching simple search queries to discussing the more intricate details of the underlying mechanisms. The topics and accompanying exercises became gradually more complex and challenging. This ensured that we could keep it informative and understandable for everyone. Even for someone like myself, an analyst with a limited technical background, the exercises never became insurmountable. At the same time our more experienced developers had plenty of opportunity to discuss more substantial and specific issues with each other and the instructor. Overall becoming a certified Elasticsearch engineer was an enriching experience.

Should you be interested to become one as well, here is a brief overview of what you can expect from these trainings:

  • CRUD operations
  • Querying
  • Text analysis and (custom) mappings
  • Nodes and their types
  • Shards
  • Aggregating data
  • Troubleshooting & improving results
  • The inner workings of Elasticsearch
  • Field and document modeling
  • Cluster management and capacity planning
  • And much, much more

With all that knowledge and new skills we acquired, I believe that the Elasticsearch certification strengthens our capabilities to realize a user-oriented digital workplace once more and that is a happy thought.

Ready to implement an enterprise search solution in your organisation? Contact us, our certified elasticsearch team is always ready for another challenge.

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