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Elastic Security

Elastic Security is a unified platform for analytics, automation, and protection. It makes it simple for security teams to search through and visualize data from all three domains - cloud, user, and native endpoint - to find threats quickly.
Formica has the expertise to implement the Elastic Security platform at your business to help fight against the constant waves of cyberattacks.

Read our blogpost to understand our Formica vision on the value of Elastic security.


Features of Elastic Security

Prevent threats. Propel detection and response

Elastic Security prevents ransomware and malware, detects advanced threats, and arms responders with vital context.

SIEM & security analytics for the modern SOC

  • Detect, investigate, and respond to evolving threats.
  • Modernize security operations, harnessing data at cloud speed and scale.
  • Heighten host visibility and control.
  • Advance operational maturity on a unified, open platform.

Eliminate blind spots

With Elastic Security it's simple to search, visualize, and analyze all of your data, like cloud, user, endpoint, network, you name it, in just seconds.

You can also add new data with one-click integrations, community-built plug-ins, and simple custom connectors.

Stop threats at scale

  • Thwart complex attacks with host-based behavior analytics and cross-environment ML.
  • Prevent malware and ransomware on every host.
  • Automate detection with MITRE ATT&CK®-aligned rules built by Elastic Security researchers.
  • Advance program maturity through contributions from Elastic’s global community.

Arm every analyst

  • Quickly grasp an unfolding attack by correlating all relevant data from a single pane of glass.
  • Seamlessly inspect hosts and access internal and external context.
  • Respond rapidly with a nimble UI, built-in case management, and a burgeoning set of workflow automation.


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