About Formica

Formica is a Belgian System Integrator that guides customers through the digital transformation journey.  An increasing amount of information and the rise of digital technologies in the daily life of employees, asks for a shift in the way we work.

There is a need to unify these digital technologies and the needs of employees in a digitized work environment.  For us, that’s the digital workplace, a set of integrable tools that gives employees the chance to work in an effective and productive way. It supports a flexible work environment and employee collaboration with an emphasis on user experience.

Instead of offering standard solution, we create the right environment together with our customers, based on approved technology. Our close contact with the vendors in our portfolio and the active involvement in technical communities enables us to always remain up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology standards.

Formica fosters the value of knowledge sharing and collaboration and supports it as much as possible, both internally and externally. We combine the expertise of our consultants and complete each other’s competences to create a solution that meets the expectations of our customers.

We have the drive to always discover new technologies and transform them into practical solutions for the digital workplace. By giving our team the opportunity to keep learning, we encourage them to think creatively and reach their full potential.

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