About Formica

RedTree, Panoptic & Questio.

Three companies whose early mission it was to leverage the value of content within enterprises and doing so by means of solutions for Enterprise Content Management, Case Management, Digital Archiving and Enterprise Search.

Today we are bundling our years of experience into Formica. The objective of Formica is to architect and build a digital workplace for and with our customers.

The digital workplace is a set of tools that enables employees to work and collaborate more efficiently.  Instead of offering standard solutions we create the right environment together with our customers, based on approved technology.  

Formica fosters the value of knowledge sharing and collaboration and support it as much as possible, both internally and externally. Our close contact with our vendors and active involvement in technical communities enables us to always remain up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology standards. 

In this fast-paced field of work we embed innovation in our DNA. Meet our innovation squad

Formica’s innovation squad is a team passionate about exploring new technologies, be it in internal projects or co-created with customer teams (e.g. hackatons, POC, prototyping).  Such gained expertise can then be brought to the table when building your digital workplace.  

Ready to build on your success? Feel free to contact us with your enquiries about the digital workplace.

We are of course always at your disposal for any further enquiries.