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The challenge

The strength of IDEWE lies in their knowledge and expertise in prevention and welfare at work. Throughout the years, the need emerged to digitize and centralize that information flow in a unified digital environment. The ultimate goal was to create a set of digital solutions that enables efficient collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing among their own employees and customers.

Formica solution

IDEWE chose Formica as one of their main partners to put their digital transformation on the fast track. This digital ecosystem consists of different components including an intranet, customer portal and website based upon Liferay.

Intranet/Customer portal built with Liferay and Alfresco

We used Liferay and Alfresco as core components to create a multi-site portal that enables employees and customers to easily access, manage and share relevant content and cases at all times. The Liferay environment consists of an intranet for IDEWE employees and a customer zone for their members.  Alfresco functions as the content repository for both instances.

Next to creating an accessible knowledge center, the platform also functions as a collaboration environment for both parties. On the one hand for internal collaboration within IDEWE. On the other hand, it gives members the opportunity to interact and collaborate with IDEWE in the context of their case. Customers can also collaborate with their internal team on their prevention cases.

We also integrated Zorgsys into the customer portal. Zorgsys is an application for schools to help them with the follow-up and preparations for inspections. In that way, customers have all relevant information centralized in one portal, creating a seamless user experience. These functionalities will be expanded to other customer segments and industries such as construction.

www.idewe.be, an Interactive website with Liferay

The next step was creating a website that was in line with IDEWE’s digital ambitions. Formica built a website based upon Liferay with a strong focus on user experience and personalization.

  • Optimized and intuitive search experience through an Elasticsearch integration
  • Dynamic solutions where content is sorted based upon the surfing behavior of each individual
  • Up to date and searchable education module through an Elasticsearch integration with Coach view
  • Interactive map with all the different IDEWE office locations

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